The Center aspect of USACHCS refers to the combined offices of:
Capabilities Development Integration Directorate (CDID)
Religion, Culture, and Advisement Directorate (RCAD)
Religious Leadership and Internal Advisement (RLIA) Directorate
Personnel Proponency Office


The Center’s mission is to promote religious support through technical assistance, consultation, and outreach; The Center develops religious support solutions and documents execution feedback for the current and future force.



• Support initiatives that enhance and enable the development and personal delivery of religious support.
• Act as the gatekeeper for gathering and disseminating information relative to religious support required capabilities and core competencies.
• Assist Communities of Practice (e.g. Army Human Dimension Concept, Building Partnership Capacity), religious support planners, government and non-government agencies on issues related to religious support.
• Serve as an academic lever promoting religious support in the joint, inter-agency, intergovernmental and multinational environment.


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