Religion Culture Advisement Directorate


RCAD Mission

Provide operationally relevant and responsive advice, analysis and training to Commanders, Office of the Chief of Chaplains and United States Army Chaplain Center and School on the mission impact of religion.



To work in dynamic partnership with ASCC, ACOM, OCCH, USACHCS, ARNG,USAR and Inter-Agency to synergize products, procedures and processes that actively promote the teaching, training and execution of Religious Support and External Advisement in order to Sustain, Prepare and Transform the Capability and Capacity of the US Army Chaplaincy to meet current and future Operational Contingencies.


  • • Monthly phonecons with ASCC, ACOM, NGB and USARC on currents in Religious Area Analysis, State Partnership Program, Deployment Training (CTCs).
  • • Monthly roundtable discussion with CDID, CSL and Proponency on current issues and initiatives as it bears on the future force.
  • • Quarterly production of teaching/information videos on Religious Advisement, Religious Area Analysis(RAA) for export to Field UMTs.
  • • Conduct monthly phonecon with War College Fellows in order to grow the influence of Academia in support of Operational requirements.
  • • Conduct monthly engagement with local (Columbia, SC) religious communities and interfaith partners to model religious advisement and enhance training at USACHCS.
  • • Provide regular SME support to USACHCS.
  • • Develop intentional RAA training for ARNG and USAR, with focus on exportable training.
  • • Ensure that Portal, “mobile app” and web based products are timely and relevant.



  • • Ensure plan of execution is in line with Army, DACH, and the Field through regular updating of issues, initiatives and goals.
  • • Ensure DACH is fully briefed on budget requirements of Religion, Culture and Advisement-Directorate (RCA-D).
  • • Ensure Commandant USACHCS is briefed on initiatives, programs and budget for RCA-D.



A US Army Chaplaincy that is: professionally and technically trained and ready, confident and aware of the critical importance of ensuring that Commanders are provided with staff integrated products and advice on the impact of religion on the mission.



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