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How To Access Your AKO Account From A Non-CAC Computer

AKO has many full text electronic resources available for you at no cost. These resources include informational databases with scholarly articles and audio, kindle, and PDF books. These resources can be accessed from the school computers with a CAC card but many people do not have CAC accessible computers for non school use. Below are instructions to access these free resources without a CAC card. These resources are available to you 24 hours seven days a week.

1. Go to the Army Knowledge Online web page,
2. Click Accept for the users agreement.
3. Click the I don’t have a CAC/PIV tab.
4. Click Accept for the users agreement a second time.
5. Enter your user name. Your user name is the first part of your AKO e-mail address up to, but not including, the @ symbol.
6. If you do not remember your user name click the “Remind Me” link. Your user name will be sent to the alternative email you listed when you set up your AKO account.
7. Enter your password. If you do not remember your password click the “Reset” link.
8. Enter the requested information, create another password.
9. Log in to AKO with your user name and password.
10. The first time you will need to set up security questions for Knowledge Based Authentication. This process may take a little time. Once it is complete you will need to answer 3 questions each time you log in. Answer your questions, and you have complete access to the Self Service drop down menu and the My Library link to all the electronic resources.
11. If you cannot log in click the help button near the bottom of the log in page. This will take you to the support home page. You will find FAQ’s and instructions on contacting the help desk.*Note the possible need to change your browser setting to comply with security requirements.

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