• The U.S. Army Chaplain Corps was established 29 July 1775. During the American Revolution, chaplains were volunteers, until the first commissioning in 1791.


  • During World War I, chaplains worked closely with field hospitals, grave registration and a multitude of other assigned duties.

  • World War II altar, lectern and pulpit constructed by German and Italian prisoners of war for the Fort Devens, MA, chapel. This and other unique altars and stories can be found in the World War II section.

  • From the Vietnam section, an exhibit on Chaplain (MAJ) Charles J. Watters, Medal of Honor recipient. The Chaplain Corps has eight such awardees, and four chaplains that Congress awarded a Special Medal of Heroism. All are highlighted throughout the gallery.

  • The work of our Religious Support Teams during 9-11 and throughout the War on Terrorism is highlighted prominently.

  • ‘Tools of the Trade’, exhibit on the evolution of chaplain equipment. Featured here is the original style Orthodox chaplain kit.

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