The USACHCS Directorate of Training, Education, and Leader Development is responsible for the development, management and delivery for all institutional training and professional education for Army Chaplains and Chaplain Assistants. The Directorate executes numerous courses every year to produce religious support professionals capable of serving a diverse force in any environment under any conditions.


The Directorate is organized into two major branches: the Initial Military Training (IMT) Branch and the Professional Military Education (PME) Branch.


IMT Courses

Chaplain Assistant Advanced Individual Training (AIT)
Chaplain Assistant MOS-T Course (Reclassification Course)
Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course (CH-BOLC)


Professional Military Education

• Chaplain Assistant Senior Leader Course (SLC)
• Chaplain Assistant Advanced Leader Course (ALC)
Chaplain Captain Career Course (C4)
Brigade Chaplain Functional Qualification Course
• Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Course
• Chaplain Colonel Course
• Chaplain Fund Clerk Course
• Chaplain Resources Manager Course (CRM)


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